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Pocket deuces

 Pocket deuces

The considered combination is considered the weakest in poker. She is able to overcome only high cards, but sometimes this may be enough. Sometimes the "geese" can be led, and they will be able to get together in a full-fledged set, and then it will become very problematic to cope with them. In this article, we will look at the use of this combination on the example of poker player Roy Cook. Further from the story of Roy. “In a casino in New Orleans, at the No Limit Hold'em table, a funny and interesting company gathered in which a friendly and passive game developed, due to which the participants often used the bank limp. "

Quite often, similar situations develop at such tables, due to either insufficient experience of the players, or because of their excessive relaxation. At the same time, everyone is trying to use the limp. If in this situation a pair of twos comes in first of the game, then calling and risking making a set is the most preferable option. Roy did the same.

“I limped in. Five more, including the blinds, did the same. And so the six of us formed a bank of eighteen dollars. The flop is lucky: J spades 7 spades 2 crosses. Someone definitely had a flush draw or a jack, so I bet fourteen dollars. Two chose to call and three folded. After that, the 7 crosses came on the turn.

The situation was fine for Cook. Only J7 could surpass his full house, but the probability of this is small. The pocket of jacks should have been raised preflop, so there are only two developments:

  1. opponents have jacks;opponent's jacks
  2. flush draw.Villain has a flush draw

After that, it was required to get from the opponents. After a moment's thought, Cook bet twenty-eight dollars. This rate should not have scared them off. As a result, the opponents responded, and there were already 144 dollars in the bank. The river came in 4 spades. Excellent card for Roy. The theoretical flush draw was closed, which made it possible to play for high stakes.

"I put forward 140 dollars." The first opponent, without hesitation, merged, and the second, after a short pause, called. He showed K spades 5 spades in response to Cook's full house.

The most common mistake in this scenario is a small bet on the river. Most are scared until the end of the game or bet half the pot. If the opponent is put on a draw and at the same time it has closed, then there is nothing to wait. We bet high. The delighted opponent will immediately press the call. If he does not, then we are mistaken in assessing his hand.

Below are several template situations in which you can and should use small pockets:

  • Everyone folded, we are on the button. Pushing with this combination will give you good fold equity.
  • We are late stage and call as one of the tight players and then see the flop.

Also, pockets can come in handy in the case described by Roy Cook.

To summarize what has been said in this article: twos are only good at the right time and in the right place. They are able to bring winnings only if certain conditions are met.

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