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Learning to read opponents

 Learning to read opponents

When learning to play poker, it is important not only to read educational articles, it is important how much information remains assimilated. In this article, we will analyze such a style of play as meta-poker.


How psychology affects the game of poker

Psychology takes the first place here. This style was named due to the mixing of styles of play, in which the further development of events will depend on the actions of the opponent. The main factors will be timing, the size of the opponent's bets, and his behavior. Concepts such as the base game fade into the background here. It is important to study your opponent and make informed decisions based on how he will behave.

It is most acceptable to use meta poker when playing in real life, but if you are very observant, it can help you with online poker as well. The basics of the style of meta-poker can only be used in games with well-known players, but if the game is played against a new opponent, fans of this method use general tactical and strategic techniques.

Studying your opponent, it is important to understand how he behaves when playing certain combinations, how he responds to your check - aggressively or neutral, whether he often steals the blinds. And this is only minimal information, based on which, you need to think about your further actions in the course of the game. The idea of meta poker is to beat your opponent before the cards are revealed. Based on this, bluffing is not appropriate here, you should not go all-in if your card is not strong enough. This knowledge will help you effectively use a style such as meta-poker.

Value of rates

An important factor influencing the outcome of the game will be the moment of betting. If the game is played with a weak player, it is easy to calculate it in accordance with his betsizing. It is very important not to ignore donk-bets and over-bets here. For example, at low limits, it is noticeable that opponents post 1-2 blinds when they have a draw. You should constantly analyze the situation: how, for example, the opponent's behavior changes depending on the bets, whether he is bluffing or not. Using one or another tactic when playing poker, constant concentration of attention is required, not a single trifle in the player's behavior should be overlooked. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult to achieve success.


It is also necessary to learn how to use such an equally important instrument as notes. In other words, record the hands with the subsequent analysis of the game. Keeping a record of different hands, undoubtedly, patterns in the opponent's play will begin to appear. Using this information, it will be possible to make the right decision, which will undoubtedly affect the outcome of the game.

Do not lose sight of the distribution in which you yourself do not take part. They also need to be recorded. Over time, it will be possible to either confirm the assumptions, or refute them. But, in spite of everything, do not be discouraged, because there is no specific strategy that gives one hundred percent win. Not so long ago, rivals kept notes about each other in various notebooks or notebooks. Nowadays, notes are recorded directly at the table of the poker room. Experienced players use various abbreviations when taking notes.

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