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Sunday Million, Engel, Pons, Staples & EPT

 Sunday Million, Engel, Pons, Staples & EPT

On April 22nd, the Sunday Million, the main online tournament of the week, will celebrate its birthday for the second time. Just like last time, participation in it will cost only $215, and the guarantee will be $10,000,000.

As a reminder, on February 12, the tournament celebrated its 12th anniversary, but something went wrong. 43,975 buy-ins were received at the tournament box office. Under other circumstances, this could have been considered a success, but at least 50,000 contributions had to be raised to fulfill the guarantee. Thus, the organizers had to add more than a million dollars to the prize fund from their own pockets. Such overlays PS, and anyone else, have not yet been paid.

Nevertheless, PS are confident that they can still hold a tournament with an eight-figure guarantee. You just need to better work out the satellite schedule, choose the right date and not run the Sunday Storm in parallel with the seven-digit guarantee.

An additional reason to play will be the lottery, which will compete for another place in the players' championship, a tournament for $25,000, which will be held next January in the Bahamas.


In 2011, Spanish grandmaster Francisco Vallejo Pons got into poker for a short time and won about a million euros, but then, as sometimes happens with talented and daring beginners, he lost everything. In 2016, when poker for Fernando was in the distant past, he received a "letter of happiness" from the tax authorities demanding that he pay 500,000 euros to the state treasury.

In 2012, the tax laws in Spain changed, but in 2011 the tax (47%), as absurd as it may sound, really had to be paid only on winnings, the tax was not interested in the lost money.

“In 2016, when the tax problems started, I had to cancel my participation in many tournaments and refuse to play for the national team. Because of my nerves, I started to have health problems. The tax authorities took everything from me, but even this is not enough for it.

Francisco flew to the European Championship, which is now taking place in Batumi, but was forced to withdraw from the tournament:

“I thought I could continue the fight, but I was not ready, my participation in the championship was a mistake”


The Staples brothers won the bet. Let us remind you that the guys put $3,000 against Bill Perkins' $150,000, which in a year will be able to equalize in weight. On March 25, 2017, Jamie weighed 140 kg, and his brother Matt weighed 60 kg. Today both weigh 85 kg.


Ari Engel, the year before last champion of the Aussie Millions Main Event, has never shied away from taking part in the cheapest tournaments. Over the weekend, for example, he played and won a $160 live tournament from the WSOPC.

There were more than six thousand buy-ins at the tournament box office ($2 019 000), Ari got an incredible $316 000 buy-in for such a buy-in.


The first main tournament of the revived EPT was won by Arseniy Karmatsky. The victory earned him $479,000 and a ticket to the Bahamas Players' Championship.

On the way to the title, he left behind almost nine hundred people (mostly his compatriots). Seven of the eight finalists were from Russia:

2 Victor Shegai $290,225
3 Ernest Sargsyan $204,840
4 Vakhe Martirosyan (Armenia) $153,630
5 Mikhail Kovalyuk $121,335
6 Sergey Kerzhakov $90,958
7 Andrey Kaygorodtsev $63,937

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