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Stud Poker - Game Features

 Stud Poker - Game Features

There are many varieties of poker: when everyone was massively into the game of Omaha and Texas Hold'em, America played Stud poker happily. Today this game is referred to as the ancient, original poker. However, despite the fact that there are more popular varieties of the game in the poker world, Stud does not stand aside. Fans of quality poker consider it their duty to "curb" the Stud and play at the highest level.

Where did Stud come from

In fact, there are many versions of how the Stud appeared. However, the closest version to the truth is this: the game originated quite a long time ago in the United States, during the Civil War. At that time, the Confederate soldiers tried to somehow cheer themselves up with card games, and they came up with Stud. The game, of course, has gone through a lot. In 1910, America banned all gambling, and the Stud went into oblivion. But 20 years later, when the US allowed casinos to legalize, the poker game returned to the board again.

Stud remained the most popular and favorite game of citizens until the 1980s, when young Doyle Brunson popularized a new variation of the game - Texas Hold'em. Learning to play Stud is like plunging into the world of what was then America. Many professional players have mastered this game and consider it an honor to play this variety on the same board.

There are many tutorials that teach the game of Stud. It can be of several types:

  • 5 card;
  • 7 card;
  • 7 Card Stud Hi / Lo.

By the way, an interesting fact is that poker players are interested in a new type of game - Caribbean poker.

As it is clear from the description, the 5-card version of the game is considered the progenitor of the Herd. She was just the very first. The principle of the game is clear enough, but there are, of course, differences. First, not seven, but five cards are dealt. Second, there are not five rounds of betting, but four. It is no longer very customary to play such a game in the professional world of poker, but at home, with friends, this game will not only relax, but also allow you to better feel the beauty of mathematical calculation.

Seven Card Stud is more attractive to many poker players. They consider him dynamic and even aggressive in some ways. Yes, indeed, this variation is more active. Players will have five rounds with placing bets. To this day, this game is considered the most gambling type of the Stud, since there is no other form of more than such a number of bets. 

7 Card Stud Hi / Lo assumes two winners at once. Quite an interesting kind of game. In this case, there are two winners - the first, the one with the strongest hand Hi (High) and the second, the one with the weakest cards Low (Low). Yes, there are situations when the participants do not have a weak combination during the game. In this case, everything won goes to the one who has Stud High.

By the way, the game Caribbean Stud is no less interesting. It was played by Caribbean pirates in the 19th century. Rumor has it that the pirates did not particularly appreciate classic poker, so they came up with their own version of the game of chance. The main difference between this Stud is that the opponents are not opponents, but the dealer himself. And the details of the game, as before, remained static - a classic 52-card deck, where the foreman played an ace, and the lowest card played a two.

Studying Stud Poker is quite simple, but you shouldn't think that there is less responsibility for the decision made, because the game is still played for money.

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