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A glossary of poker terms for beginner poker players

A glossary of poker terms for beginner poker players

Knowing the basic poker terms, a beginner will be able to understand the special literature describing gaming strategies and tactics without distorting the meaning. Many people know what "bluff", "all-in" or "pokerface" are, but the poker vocabulary is not limited to these terms. And if you want to turn the game into a hobby or a tool for making money, be sure to read our article.

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Poker Dictionary for Beginners

We have collected basic terms to help you master the poker literature:

  1. All-in (All-in) - an action in the game, in which the player puts all the chips on the line. If he wins, he gets only the main pot (pot).
  2. Blinds - "blind" bets, which are made by 2 poker players to the left of the Button even before the pocket cards are received. There is a mandatory fee in many types of poker - Hold'em, Badugi, Omaha, Lowball.
  3. Ante (Ante) - a forced bet, which is made by all participants at the table before the start of the game. Usually the amount is small and corresponds to 1 / 6-1 / 4 of the minimum bet at the table. Ante is also used in the finals of poker events to prevent the game from being dragged out.
  4. Bluff (Bluff) - the actions of a poker player, aimed at getting a common bank before the showdown. Cheating tricks are commonly used with weak or no poker hands.
  5. Big Slick is the name of the starting hand represented by the Ace and King. This combination of cards has other names - Kalashnikov assault rifle, Anna Kournikova.
  6. Bad Beat - a game situation in which a poker player with a dominant combination loses to an opponent with a weak hand.
  7. The Back Door is an unfinished poker hand that lacks 2 cards appearing on the Turn and River. For example, your starting cards are suited 8 and J. If another suited card appears on the table in the second round, you get a backdoor flush.
  8. An answering machine (Calling Station) is a poker player who calls the opponents' bets without taking into account the checkmate. expectations, chances of the bank. He never takes the initiative, but willingly calls any raise.
  9. Straight-draw is an unfinished poker hand that requires 1 more card to complete. For example, a player gets a draw hand if the board is 10-QA, and he has K and 8. One card is missing to get a Straight - J.
  10. Dead Cards (Drawing Dead) - a starting hand with which the player will lose to the opponent in any hands. For example, there are 3 spades on the table, and you have the King of spades in your hands. You are hoping to get a Flush on the Turn or River, but your opponent has an Ace of spades. And even if the suited card comes up, you still lose to the senior Flash.
  11. Check-raise is a tactical move in which the player first announces a check, and after the opponent's Beta makes a raise. This technique is used only in the absence of a position on the enemy.
  12. Donkey is an inexperienced or poor poker player who commits unjustified actions in the game.
  13. Flop is the second round (street) of community card poker, in which the first 3 cards appear on the board. It is Flop that is key, because players understand the potential of hole cards.
  14. Gutshot is an unfinished hand that only lacks 1 card to collect a Straight. Such a combination is considered "full of holes" because the card is missing inside the hand - 5 ♠ 6 ♣ 8 ♥ 9 ♠.
  15. The Nuts are the strongest hand in the hand and have a 100% odds of winning. For example, if the flop is K ♣ 9 ♥ 6 ♠ and the player is holding K ♦ K ♠, he will receive the nut Set.
  16. Monster hand is a strong poker hand that has very high chances of winning at a particular moment of the game. In order for the opponent to win, he will have to get 1-2 outs, although the chances of the necessary cards coming out are negligible.
  17. Wheel is the name of the weakest Straight, consisting of cards from A to 5. In this case, the Ace is the smallest card that corresponds to one at face value.

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If you know the basic poker terms, you can easily understand the literature when learning different strategies for playing!

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