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We play strong pocket pairs

 We play strong pocket pairs

Play poker - play in contrasts. With a certain amount of luck, we get a win, and sometimes, with maximum effort and doing everything right, we lose. The trend is visible over a longer period of time. If you are patient and do everything right - you’ll be left with a win, you will begin to doubt and be afraid to play with a strong card - you will lose.

Pocket kings

Pocket kings

More often than not, in the first round, the idea of folding pocket kings is not the best. The best solution here is to go with this pair on the whole stack. Of course, you cannot be 100 percent sure that the opponent does not have pocket kings either (although the probability of such a deal is negligible), but you can be sure that the opponent has a strong position, but it will be a priori weaker. So, for example, an ace king or pocket ladies. If we examine the situation in more detail, it becomes clear that pushing preflop with QC is the right decision, even though there is a risk of losing the entire stack.

The correct bet will be a bet with a high mathematical expectation. Such bets are necessary, even knowing that they can lead to the worst results. If a player focuses only on how to protect himself as much as possible, he can miss out on great opportunities for a good win.

We play AK

How to play AK starting hand

Most of the players do not dare to re-raise in the first round, even with such a strong hand as AK, they are afraid that they will not fall into the flop and lose money. These players were described in the previous paragraph.

AK - a strong hand that can bring a brilliant victory to the player. The mood for failure at the very beginning of the game is a serious mistake. This is the same as throwing pocket kings preflop, believing that the opponent has stronger hands. And you must think how to maximize the benefits with this strong hand.

If you raise with AK, these options are possible:

  • The table falls and you take the sweat - medium or small.
  • This is a very good deal. However, this will not happen if your opponents prefer a loose style of play.
  • The hand is attended by several players who call your raise, and the pair immediately appeared on the flop with a high ticker or higher.

This alignment is much better than the previous one, although there still remains a share of risk. Here you have the prospect of getting a good catch, or maybe a very big catch. However, you won’t be able to win in each such situation, and you will have to part with a rather big slide of your chips.

Opponent can answer 4bet

In different cases, such a move can be evaluated in different ways: either you are incredibly lucky or the situation is not the most rosy, although not catastrophic. Ace King is a very strong hand, you can play with it still without seeing the flop. And only a tight player who decided on 4bet will become a truly dangerous opponent for you, because this means that he has very strong cards in his hands. Naturally, in this particular situation, the risk of losing will become quite high, but it will not significantly affect the outcome of the game at a long distance.

One or more players called after your raise, but you did not hit the flop. This situation at the table will be the most unfavorable for you, but it can not be called catastrophic. By making a long flop bet, you can get a small win as a result. And scrolling from the very beginning only an unfavorable result, you are deceiving yourself. In fact, if you refuse the standard check / fold scheme in this situation on the flop, where there is no ace or king, then you can get a good profit at a distance.

Be careful, choose the best option for the game, and you will always win.

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