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The worst mistakes beginner poker players make

The worst mistakes beginner poker players make

In today's article, we'll discuss the common mistakes poker players make. It is logical that beginners will make them, and the most common mistakes have long been identified. Here you will find tips to help you avoid unwanted play and lead to success.


You play a lot of hands

Beginners get excited and play too many hands. It should be remembered that poker is a game of the mind, you need to act here slowly, analyzing the situation at the table. The pass may seem boring, but done on time it will definitely lead to victory. You also need to be careful with calls - you don't need to call every bet, as you will definitely squander your bankroll as soon as you start playing.

Excessive self-confidence

Being confident is one of the main qualities of a poker player, but self-confidence is another matter. Beginners often believe that their hand is potentially strong - as soon as you get the coveted card, and with a combination you beat your opponent and take the winnings. Consider whether the potential combination is strong enough. What hands can be at the table - you may be easy to beat. 

Unwillingness to say goodbye to the blinds

Beginners are so sorry to part with the blinds that they often try to recover their value throughout the game. And this error 100% will lead to a loss. Forget the lost, look at the potential hand. Find the best deal for your strong or weak hand. Remember that in the beginning you need to gain experience, and then take risks. 

Trying to return the chips

It's the same with lost chips. As soon as a beginner loses, he fiercely strives to return the selected. This strategy also only leads to a loss. Poker is a game of risk, the situation will not always develop in your favor, not always your actions are able to correct it. Let go of the lost chips, and decide how best to play in the future.

poker tilt

You bluff too much

Bluffing is a great technique that must be used skillfully. In a suitable situation and with a masterful game, he can lead the player to win. However, beginners love to bluff left and right. Such an insolent play is visible to regulars, so they will quickly knock out such an opponent from the table. Remember that there must be a specific goal behind the bluff. 

You are too predictable

Of course, getting an original style at the start of a poker game is unrealistic. Your job as a beginner is to absorb everything you can about poker. To avoid being too predictable, try to guess what your opponent expects from you. Think about what the most common solution would be in your situation, and do it differently. Be unexpected, aggressive, change rates on different streets. In general, with practice, success will surely come.

You are too emotional

Thick skin is extremely important when playing poker. A player who can get out of emotional balance with any loss will never be successful in a poker career. Remember that the path of a poker player is thorny and full of stones and bumps. Read theory, play and practice, make mistakes and win. Only experience and composure will lead you to win.

Poor bug fixing

All newbies play awkwardly, but the worst thing is when a poker player does not want to notice his mistakes and climbs ahead, dictating his conditions. And inevitably loses. Don't be too arrogant, follow the game and notice your mistakes. Once you find it, look for other options, polish your play style. Only those who never stop achieve results!

poker fish

These are all the typical mistakes of poker players - try not to make them, and then the way to the top of the poker Olympus will seem easier!

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