Should I start the game in the PPPoker Chinese room?

This PPPoker review is your chance to find out about the site in a few minutes and decide whether to register in the room. This is a Chinese room that offers to start the game only through mobile applications. 

The main feature of the room is that for playing in it you will need to buy a special currency. You can exchange money for in-game currency PPPoker directly through the client. This option is built-in to avoid problems with the laws of China.


Not everyone will be able to start the game in the room, but only members of the VIP club. Therefore, if you want to go to this resource, you will need to find an intermediary site that provides such services.

The main features of the room

Let's highlight a number of room features that you should learn about right away:

  • Traffic room. Rich Chinese players and a small proportion of poker players from other countries of the world play in the room. The room is designed for tables with high stakes. NL200, NL400, NL1000 - the most popular limits on the platform. Therefore, this platform is more suitable for advanced players;
  • Transactions through intermediaries. You will have to use the services of intermediaries to complete transactions. You can use Skrill or Neteller for this. But carefully study the proposals of intermediaries: transfer commissions can reach 7-8 percent;
  • They play on the platform from smartphones. The application is designed specifically for such a device format - the interface and basic settings are suitable only for phones. Therefore, be prepared to play with your smartphone for hours;
  • The exchange rate for in-game currency. It's okay that you have to buy PPPoker currency. There are no exchange commissions, but counting this money is very easy: 1 chip is equal to one dollar;
  • Games are conducted in closed clubs. You can also access them through intermediaries. Different clubs have different rules of the game, fees, pool of players;
  • Use trackers is prohibited. You will not be able to collect game statistics and other data when playing through the PPPoker client;
  • Unavailable multi-tabling. This is another drawback - you can’t play at several tables at once. The format is different: one table, but with high stakes. 

Features of rake payout

The room has an average level of commissions per game - you will need to pay 5% from each bet or tournament ticket purchased. For this kind of rooms this is an acceptable rate. 


Moreover, users of the site will be able to win back up to 40% rakeback. Moreover, the initial rate of return rake - 20%. The more you bet, the higher the percentage of cashback will be. Therefore, playing on the court more profitably and at the expense of a refund.

Bonus system

There are no initial bonuses and rewards for the first deposit in the room. Some clubs introduce additional bonuses, but this is rather an exception to the rule.

In general, the site is designed for regulars who do not need additional encouragement. A good rakeback compensates for the lack of gifts from PPPoker. 

Player reviews

Among the CIS users there are not so many players who nevertheless decided to start the game on the Chinese site. But almost all of them note that the rivals are really weak and you can make good money in the room. Expected problems - software in Chinese, problems with registration, withdrawal of money, it’s not so easy to get into the VIP club of the site. 

Whether you should try the game in the room is up to you. If you recently play poker - it is better to find a simpler option. A room may suit regulars.

Hopefully our little PPPoker review has convinced you.