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Overview of poker room tournaments

 Overview of poker room tournaments

Tournaments Poker match Is one of the ways make real money on poker and practice playing with opponents of different levels. The Ukrainian site is known for a variety of tournaments in prize pools and entry thresholds, in the review we will tell you about all the options. You will also find out where to see the tournament schedule and how to take part in them, even for free.

What tournaments does PokerMatch offer?

PokerMatch is one of the most popular rooms in the Russian-speaking space, so the choice of tournaments here is very wide and everyone can find an option to their liking. For example, you can not only compete in Texas Hold'em, but also find tournaments with less popular game disciplines like Omaha and Chinese Pineapple Poker. Tournaments usually differ by game discipline, prize pool, format and buy-ins.

What can be found at PokerMatch:

  • Freerolls... This is one of the most popular formats, as it does not require any money from the player to participate. This is a fairly simple way to win the prize pool, especially if you play by the rules of freerolls and give beginners the opportunity to merge at the initial stages. 
  • MTT... This is a tournament format where a lot of poker players play at a large number of tables. The game is entered with the same number of chips, and as soon as the player runs out of money, he is eliminated, and another poker player takes his place at the table. The game is played until a single winner is determined, while there may be more prizes, it all depends on the number of players at the start and the conditions of a particular tournament.
  • SNG... These are tournaments that have no schedule and no exact time to start. The game starts when there are enough poker players at the table. The prize pool is formed by the players' bets and is also variable.
  • Knockout tournaments... It is important here not only to be among the winners, but also to remove as many opponents as possible from the game. This way you can make money even if you log out early.
  • Heads-up... This is a tournament where you will take turns changing opponents and your task is to win them until you reach the final prize.
  • Satellites... These are tournaments, which feature a type of prize. You will not take money with you, but tickets to prestigious tournaments of the room or world series.
  • Windfall... The prize fund in such a tournament is formed in a lottery way: at the beginning of the game, a drum spins, where the coefficient of increasing the bank is indicated.
  • Turbo... An interesting tournament format for fast play. The blinds increase every five minutes, so you won't be able to sit out and the results of the game will become clear very quickly.

Many tournaments have conditions to continue playing. For example, you can buy additional chips and stay in the tournament. Or even fly out and come back again one or more times during a tournament.

How to get to PokerMatch tournaments?

Tournaments are available to anyone registered the user of the room, you can play both through the browser and through applications on a PC or smartphone... To enter the tournament, complete the conditions:

  1. Go to the official PokerMatch website using your account.
  2. On the main page you will see the tab “Tournaments”, Where there is a full schedule of all events.
  3. You can use a convenient filter to sort tournaments by date, prize money, game discipline or name.
  4. Then choose a tournament for yourself and click the button “check in”.
  5. Now you only need to have an open client or browser window during the start of the tournament, the tournament room will open automatically at the appointed time.

Tournament lobby PokerMatch

We should also say about participation in freerolls. There are two types of free tournaments:

  1. Open freerolls... These are tournaments where anyone can register. It is very convenient for training your game skills and getting to know the rules and the room. However, due to the low entry threshold, often unpredictable situations occur in open freerolls and it is difficult to play a serious game. Although, if you wait out the early stages, then you can just take away the prize money with you.
  2. Closed Freerolls... These are tournaments for which you need to receive a special invitation from the link or promotional code... That is, the audience of the game will be formed in a special way. To receive an invitation to a private freeroll, you need to subscribe to the room's mailing list or follow the updates on the site.

Now that you know which PokerMatch tournaments you can try to play for real money - good luck!

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