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Conditions of rake and rakeback at PokerDom in 2020

 Conditions of rake and rakeback at PokerDom in 2020

PokerDom rakeback is a return by the room to the player of a part of the rake, that is, the commission that he pays for hands during the games. Today we'll talk about all the features of rake and rakeback on the site Pokerdom.

Rake size in various disciplines

First, let's talk about the size of rakeback at PokerDom in 2020.

Cash games

For cash games it is fair rake up to 5% at Pot Limit and No Limit tables, in No Limit games it is 2.5%. In Chinese poker, the rake is collected once after all hands and reaches 5%. You can find out about the size of the rake at the table with a light click on the button R at the top of the table.


In Windfall tournaments rake is 5.25-7% + 0.5% to form a jackpot. So, the rake on tournaments with different installments will be:

  • 7% with a deposit of up to RUB 250;
  • 6,25% in Heads Up Windfall with a deposit up to 250 rubles;
  • 6% with a deposit of 500 rubles;
  • 5 %в Heads Up Windfall from 500 rub.


For participating in tournaments, a player can pay from 5-10% rail - it is already fixed in the initial cost of the contribution. To find out the amount of tournament rake, enter the tournament lobby and take a look at the amount of the buy-in. The number that is registered with a plus is the rake.

In bounty tournaments, the buy-in consists of three parts:

  • the contribution itself;
  • rake;
  • bounty.

Rakeback at PokerDom

After registration, the player automatically becomes a member loyalty program "Freebie"... Thanks to her, you can regain up to 40% of the given rake.

Loyalty program "Freebie"

Players receive bonuses every Monday - the program starts at 3 am. The size of the formed bonuses correlates with the number of Freebie points gained during the week. You can track the number of points in your personal account - their scale is constantly updated after the player completes each distribution.

Instant bonuses

For each ruble of rake, the player receives 1 point of the loyalty program... Any commission you give anywhere in cash games and tournaments counts. The bonuses received by the player are of two types - instant and weekly. Instant ones are issued instantly after reaching a certain number of points and increasing the VIP level. Let's list them:

  • 100 points, 1 level - a ticket to All in fold, a tournament with a millionth prize fund;
  • 150 points, level 2 - a ticket and 10 rubles in cash;
  • 250 points, level 3 - a ticket and 20 rubles in cash;
  • 500 points, level 4 - a ticket and 50 rubles in cash.

And so on in ascending order. To reach level 26 and above, 50,000 points are required, and the reward will be a Windfall ticket and 15,000 rubles in cash. So, excluding gift tickets, rakeback at PokerDom ranges from 4% to 30%.

All In Windfall is a free three-person windfall tournament where players go all-in every hand. There are two options for the development of such a tournament - with a fund of no more than 1000 rubles. the winner will receive 100% of the prize, and for larger prizes, the pool is divided into 50% for the winner and 25% for the remaining players.

Weekly bonuses

Weekly PokerDom no deposit bonuses are available after the player reaches the 4th VIP level and are formed at the end of the week. Let's list some sizes of no-deposit deposits that are issued for reaching a certain level:

  • Level 4 - 50 rubles;
  • 5th level - 100 rubles;
  • 6 level - 200 rubles;
  • 7 level - 250 rubles.

And so on in ascending order. When the player's level reaches 26 and above, the no deposit bonus will be 50 thousand, and will increase by 15 thousand with each new level reached.

The bonus goes to the player's cashier located in the section "Presents“, And he must have time to confirm it within 3 days and play until the week is over. Upon completion of wagering, the bonus will be credited to the player's account in the form of cash. No deposit deposits are credited every Monday from 3 to 14 hours Moscow time.

Also, there are special tables at PokerDom, at which completely different rules of rake are applied - loyalty program points are collected here faster. To identify such a table, look next to it for a symbol that resembles a bonus percentage. For example, if there is a 50% icon on the table, then points will be collected 1.5 times faster.

PokerDom has the most attractive incentive program among other sites on the Russian Internet. Register, play and get great pokerDom rakeback as part of the loyalty program.

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