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How to play at the Poker House if the official site is closed: a mirror or block bypass

 How to play at the Poker House if the official site is closed: a mirror or block bypass

Mirror Pokerdom - Not the only way to bypass the lock if the official website of the room is closed. You can use other methods - this will require very little effort. In this article, we will explain in more detail why the main page of the room may be blocked. And yet - about the simplest and most reliable ways to bypass the lock.

Poker House is a Russian poker room. You can do it rates in rubles, and this is especially beneficial for players from Russia, because you don’t have to spend money on converting. Another feature of the platform - in the room you can make Bitcoin transactions. This is convenient for everyone who works with cryptocurrency.

And now we will talk about ways to bypass the block - read and go into the room without any problems.

Why Poker House is Blocked

Many players do not understand why the main page of the poker room is blocked, but everyone who lives in Russia is faced with a lock. According to the law, poker rooms or offline casinos cannot be established in the country (by the way, you can play at the room tables legally). And the main resources of the top rooms are blocked.

Therefore, in order to bypass the block, you need:

  • Or use the unblocked page of the room;
  • Or bypass the lock and go to the official website of the Poker House.

We use a mirror

Poker House takes care of the players and offers a simple and convenient way to bypass the lock - use a mirror. This is a clone of the official page. under a different domain name. It is not blocked by the authorities, because of which users can access resources without problems.

What can be done on the mirror Poker House:

You can register and create a profile in the room;

You can also download applications to your phone or computer for free;

You can also read about the latest news from PokerDom: about updates, new types of poker and tournaments, and much more;

You can also view the user agreement and privacy policy;

Through the mirror you can enter the browser version - you will only need to enter your username and password.

Note that the room mirror can also be blocked by providers, but Poker House always has several active mirrors.

What other ways to get around the lock

Below we will talk about the ability to change your address and go to the resource or use other convenient methods:

  • TOR Browser. This is a special browser for anonymous login to any page. The connection will be through several countries, so that no one can calculate your location. There is a small minus - you have to wait longer to load pages;
  • Anonymizing Sites. These are pages that can be used as intermediaries for accessing any site. In the special line you need to enter the correct domain name and you will be redirected to this page. It is important to find a trusted anonymizer so that your passwords are not stolen;
  • VPN. And this is special software through which you can create a private virtual network right on your computer - so you can go to any page. The convenience is that the software can be configured once, and then forget about all the inconveniences. But there is a minus - quality programs cost money;
  • Browser Applications. You can also install additional utilities in the browser - they also allow you to bypass the lock. For example, Google Chrome has Tunnel Bear and other free apps. 

As you can see, there are many ways to enter the Poker House website and start the game - you just need to choose one of them to start real money game. And it’s worth doing - the room has a lot of unique advantages. For example, ongoing bonuses (including first deposit bonus up to 30 thousand rubles). Or constant tournament poker - there are freerolls, satellites, multi-table tournaments, SnG and other varieties. In the room there are always rivals at different limits - you won’t have to wait for opponents. There are also tables for conditional chips - so you can learn the game without attachments.

So if the official website of the room is blocked, you can always enter the room through the mirror of PokerDom, go through registration and download software.

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