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The benefits of a tight poker style

 The benefits of a tight poker style

Do you like tight play style more? You rarely bluff, isn't playing a middle hand for you? There are not so few such players. There are many tight players who are successful in the global network.

However, there are many situations in which a tight playing style can backfire. In some situations, playing too carefully becomes a huge mistake, we will take a closer look at such situations later.

Short-handed game

Are there six or even four players at the table? It's time to start an active game. At the short table, you need to use a wide range of hands, because the value will also change with this game. Cards that you previously thought were mediocre get significantly stronger, and hands that you previously played exclusively with are raised at the Middle Position in this game.

Having trouble increasing your hand range and adjusting to an aggressive playstyle right off the bat? Then do not sit down to play at the short table, here you may fail.

Playing with like-minded people

A table where only tight players play is a very bad table. It is difficult to find people willing to join in a cash game, so the game may not take place.

If your opponents are tight players, then choose a different style of behavior. It's time to expand your skills and become the aggressor at the gaming table. Attack over and over again, push your opponents with your will, use their caution and take the pot with little or no resistance.

Bubble stage

Immediately in front of the prize zone, your stereotypes of the quiet person may again remind of themselves and begin to whisper that it is worth stopping and biding. However, if you cherish the hope not just for a prize, but also for the championship, then you should completely forget about the strategy of waiting at the bubble stage. There will be fearful, cautious opponents around you in front of the prize area, and it's time to get the most out of this situation.

It's time to move on to decisive attacking actions. Most of the participants in such a tournament will not even start resisting, because their goal is to hold out until the finish line. And if you see a re-raise, then you are playing with a very strong hand that doesn't make sense to mess with.

Short stack

Poker short stack

If you are short stacked, this does not mean at all that you need to take a wait position. After all, if you still do not wait for strong cards to the end of the stack, then it will simply float away from you due to the blinds. One option is aggressive play. Don't be afraid to take risks while you have something. Otherwise, while you swing and decide to go all-in, the other players will support your bet, and it is already problematic to win the whole table.

Loose table

If you can see that your opponent is definitely a loose player, then a tight strategy can pay off. But if all the players at the table prefer a loose style of play, then you should switch quickly. After all, if at least four players reach the final, then it makes sense to fight for the bank. If you look at the flop is not very expensive - agree immediately, in this case it will be very interesting to look at the total pot. And if the nuts fall out, the reward will be high.

TV out

Do you want to get on the TV screen? Start an active game. Remember, poker TV shows almost always show hands with aggressive players. And this is natural, their play can rarely be predicted what attracts the attention of the audience. It is for this reason that tight players are rarely seen on television.

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