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Maniac at the poker table

 Maniac at the poker table

In this article, we will consider such a style of poker as a superaggressor, a maniac opponent. You need to be very careful with this type of player, but you shouldn't be afraid of them.

Calculating the maniac at the poker table

Maniac Is a player who does not know the word "pass". He always raises and reraises. Noticing the indecision of the opponent, the maniac begins to place bets with even greater fury. He is sure that in order for his opponent to fold to "pass", there is very little left, just a little bit. Maniacs live by this thought.

Often the game is based on bluffing, it gives them pleasure. After all, nothing can replace the process itself, the adrenaline that enters the bloodstream during unreasonable and reckless attacks on your counterpart - this is the goal of the game. They play this game for the moment of victory when they move the chips over the green cloth of the poker table. It happens in a memorable and enchanting way. All the seconds of the maniac's glory are deposited in the head of his opponents. And often all the traps that he himself falls into go unnoticed.

According to people who spend a lot of time at the poker table, playing with a maniac at the same table is very beneficial for a balanced, experienced player.

For what and for what reasons do maniacs play like that?

Maniacs at the poker table

Aggressiveness allows the maniac to take the bank. Most often these are small amounts. For him, the word "check" said by other players is like a rag for a bull. He starts the attack. The maniac bets, other players who do not have the necessary cards immediately fold and that's it, he has the bank.

By the behavior of the maniac at the table, it is simply unrealistic to guess the cards in his hands. He can raise bets with both aces and offsuit. If a player at the same table with a superaggressor does not have a combination in his hands, you should not even try to get involved in the game with him. If the board is 3-6-7, it gives a wide range of hands. Experienced poker players will never start a pot battle without a 100% hand.

How to deal with maniacs?

Frequent calls and fewer raises are the main ways to deal with maniacs. Knowing about his weakness for bluffing, do not lead him astray, use his weakness against him. It is already clear to everyone that his are small pots, and with an inflated pot, he mostly plays with a strong hand? Super! Now the main thing is that he remains completely confident that he is in control of the situation. By giving him the opportunity to bluff by calling, you can simultaneously increase the pot. The bank, in the end, will not go to him. If the maniac's opponent has a weaker hand, then by going to the counterattack, you can lose less by using raises.

Over time, professional poker players do not need to learn all the habits and tricks of a maniac player. After studying, he ceases to be a maniac, but becomes an attractive money bag. Which, with the right tactics, you can shake and shake with no small benefit for your pockets. And giving him the opportunity to periodically take the bank, you can play with him endlessly.

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