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Poker Leveling

 Poker Leveling

Being always ahead is what every poker player strives for. Thinking a few thoughts faster, predicting the opponent's steps is the key to victory. Players become successful only when they have developed their own strategy, their own special plan, one might say the style of play, an algorithm of actions for each distribution. A thoughtful approach to the game is called "leveling". It is even better for a gambler to predict the actions of the opponent, to learn how to apply your strategy, "penetrating" into the strategy of the opponent.

There are several typical types and levels of leveling. Psychologists distinguish several types of players based on their levels of thinking.

Leveling types

  • Type 0. "Newbie"
    This type includes players who have recently come to poker and have not fully understood the nuances of the game. But they love to play. They themselves do not fully understand what they are doing and how. Their actions are chaotic, they try different tactics, relying only on luck. It will not be difficult to win against such a rival, because often the excitement closes their eyes and prevents them from thinking.
  • Type 1. "I'm confident in my abilities!"
    Such players also don't think much about strategy. Having seen several good combinations in themselves, they are sure that the victory is exclusively theirs. They don't think much about what cards the opponent has. The method of such a game can only be used in a game with beginners. With the stronger ones, the game is initially a failure. It is possible to win only with novice poker players, just by making sure of their own strengths.
  • Type 2. "I have a weak opponent!"
    This type of thinking includes players who have learned to think not only about their cards, but also about the opponent's cards. The main mistake of the previous types is playing with an opponent without a good kicker in hand. This makes them much weaker than the one who knows how to calculate the cards. After all, having identified the opponent's strong cards, the most logical thing is to fold. But if you understand that you have weak cards, and your opponent, in turn, is not better, then you can bluff.
  • Type3. "He thinks I'm weaker!"
    Learning to think about your opponent's cards is not enough for a successful game. But if, in addition to this, you learn to think about what your opponent thinks about your cards, it can already become a guarantee of winning. Therefore, the main thing is to learn to master more complex strategies. Make your opponent think that you are much weaker than him, while having a good alignment, you can bet higher. It is also good to provoke your opponent to bluff, raise rates - and only then open up and break your trophy.
  • Type4. "He thinks I think he is weaker!"
    It is very important to understand whether your opponent thinks that he already has his own strategy. If he decides that he looks weak in your eyes, then most likely he will not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this. It is quite expected that he will try to provoke you to raise rates on your part or expect you to bluff.
  • Level 5: "He is sure that I decided that he thinks I am weak!"

Only players of the same level can play with a player of this level. The main thing here is to adequately assess the strength of the opponent and really assess your capabilities.

How to apply leveling?

Maybe at first glance everything seems too confusing. But in this technique there is only one rule - to determine who you are dealing with and to be one step ahead.

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