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Lag, Noob or Shark? Types of Poker Players

 Lag, Noob or Shark? Types of poker players

There are different types of people in society, and at the green table there are different types of players. There is no place for phlegmatic or melancholic, no one will ask you sanguine or choleric. But they will easily stick a fish tag or respectfully call a shark. So who are they, representatives of the gambling fauna and how to behave with them correctly?

Poker player classification

Online poker is good because it allows you to take notes on opponents, collect and organize information on their reactions to various game situations. What percentage of hands they play, how often they fold, and whether they use isolate in their practice. In professional jargon, these numbers are called "stats" and they help you easily determine what type of player your opponent is. But even if you have not yet accumulated the necessary funds to buy Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager, it does not matter. After all, no one forbids to be observant and figure out "who is who?" without the help of additional programs. 


VPIP-32, PFR-4, 3-bet -1


Phone, fish or fish are a fairly common type of player who sit down at the table just to play, but are afraid to invest too much in the pot. They usually call most of your bets, play a wide range of hands, and are regular participants in multi-pots.


The fish will never fold the second or even the third pair, it squeaks away from the ace and completely ignores the opponent's possible draws. For a fish, only his cards exist.

Correct strategy:

  • Never call a phone raise.
  • Avoid bluffing.
  • Play at small stakes, small amounts of fish are thrown onto the table without a hand at all.



VPIP-12, PFR-9, 3-bet -1

But who certainly will not call "horrible" is a rock. This type of opponent has an enviable patience and an ultra-narrow range of playable hands. You will almost never expect a bluff from a nit, and if he decided to raise you or go all-in, we would advise you not to even hold on to pocket queens, because your opponent will have at least kings.

Correct strategy:

  • Lure the nit out with a souplay.
  • Steal the blinds from him.
  • But never get into big bets. The easiest way to exploit a rock is small.



Doesn't have a specific set of stats

It's much easier to fight a noob. This is either not an experienced player yet or someone who is simply not destined to play poker well. Nuba is distinguished by some gullibility, poor stress resistance and high readability.

Correct strategy:

  • Be aggressive.
  • Increase the amount of bluffing.
  • Observe what bets and on what cards your opponent calls and when he prefers to fold. Noob rarely changes his strategy, and therefore, once calculating such information, you will receive money from him for a long time.



VPIP-32, PFR-4, 3-bet -1

But players who do not know the word "fold" are usually called maniacs. They love to bluff and pump up the pot preflop. For a maniac, the winnings are not so important as the adrenaline received during the game. It is dangerous in that it can unbalance even regulars and send the game at the table along uncontrollable rails.

Correct strategy:

  • Control yourself and control your emotions.
  • Do not bluff at all.
  • Only show initiative when in position.
  • Don't test weak hands.


VPIP-36, PFR-30, 3-bet -4

Lag is a loose-aggressive style player. He is well acquainted with the ABC poker strategy, has read almost everything that is written about this game in books, but treats the information received as a dogma. Therefore, the lag game resembles the execution of learned algorithms, without any intellectual processing. Even 5 years ago, this strategy was effective, but today ABS poker allows you to play only at 0.

Correct strategy:
  • Find patterns in your opponent's actions.
  • Change your playing style constantly.
  • Push the lag with aggression.


VPIP-21, PFR-17, 3-bet -3

Sharks are talented poker regulars who make a living by playing. For the most part, these are people with pronounced counting capabilities. They are fluent in poker mathematics, observant and quickly adjust their playing style to their opponents. 

Correct strategy:

  • Avoid playing with the shark if possible. You still won't make money on it. But if you can't get away from the regular:
    • Be careful.
    • Change your game strategy.
    • Don't believe in your opponent's blunders.

And finally. Everything in the world is changing. The types of players living in the same person change over time, and therefore yesterday's noob may turn into a shark tomorrow.

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