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Play for real money thanks to PokerStars Sochi

Play for real money thanks to PokerStars Sochi

Download Poker Stars Sochi, a separate client for domestic users is not a whim, but rather a necessity. Since, according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the main resources of poker rooms are blocked, alternative opportunities for access to the game are created for poker players.

It is interesting that the name for the software was not chosen by chance. The reference goes to the Sochi gambling zone, which operates offline. Today we will discuss in detail the PokerStars "branch" for access to the game for users from Russia.

Desktop version of the client

It is the software for the PC that is distinguished by maximum reliability and stability, as well as the whole breadth of gaming and other possibilities. To download the client, you can try to visit the main site of the room, which is not blocked from hour to hour. If this opportunity is limited, try downloading the program through a mirror site. When searching, you can find several such mirrors at once, but be careful: some sites contain the danger of "picking up" virus software or losing the safety of the user's personal data.

The link to download the software is available on the home page of the site. Use this simple instruction to download and install the client on your PC:

  1. Click on the green Start Play button in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. The download will start either automatically or after you confirm the installation folder.
  3. Open the downloaded installer with two mouse clicks. The installation program will open in front of you, and before starting the process, you will be prompted to confirm or change the settings. This, in particular, the language of the software, the folder for installation, the presence and number of shortcuts.
  4. Do not forget to confirm that you agree with the terms of PokerStars, and then click "Install" and wait until the end of the installation.

Access to the game through a desktop or mobile client is possible only for registered users, because each time you need to enter a password and login to enter.

Mobile version of the client

The application for mobile devices is advantageous in that it is practically not inferior in terms of the capabilities of the PC version, but it allows you to enter the game anywhere and at any time, conduct financial transactions, and so on. The application is available for both Android devices and Apple devices. Consider installing the software separately for each case.

Client for Android

These steps will help you quickly and easily install the application:

  1. In the settings of your smartphone or tablet, allow the installation of software from unverified sources.
  2. Then visit the official resource of the room.
  3. · At the bottom of the screen, find and click on the "Install and start playing" button.
  4. If the first step was completed in advance, the download and installation are performed automatically. True, during the installation process, the software will ask for certain access, which you can safely provide, provided that you downloaded the software from the official website.

Important: multi-accounts in the room are prohibited!

IOS client

The application for American devices is in no way inferior to the "android" one, and it is even easier to install it. As in the previous case, you can find the download button on the start page of the official Starsov resource. From there you will be automatically redirected to the AppStore to the application page, from where the download will take place according to the traditional iOS procedure. You can also download Poker Stars Sochi through iTunes, but this method is not very convenient, and if you have problems with the installation, you can always contact the room's support service.

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