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Poker heyger

 Poker heyger

Hijack - a special position of the player when playing poker. Many players prefer to play in the hijack position, while others perceive it as not the best option. Due to the ambiguous opinion about hijack, the players among themselves nicknamed him "raider" or "hijacker". Let's take a closer look at the features of the hijack position in poker.

Imagine a table and distribute the positions of the players on it as follows: HJ takes the position MP3 (HJ) and is located to the right of the button for 2 steps.

The nickname "hijacker" has arisen for a reason, being in this position, the player usually does not miss the opportunity to steal the blinds. Therefore, a participant in the game who knows about this and is currently in hijack will try to get ahead of other players and make a raise.

Increase bet

The start of the attack falls on HJ, but in the case of a call, the cut-off and the button have a better position and all the conditions for playing. You need to start pumping the pot in advance on preflop in order to get the maximum benefit from the situation, and, after waiting for a successful layout, finish what you started.

The player, at least, must have suited cards, the so-called "creative" hands, in order to open with a raise from the position of a hijack. For this, such cards A8, A9, KJ, QJ may also be suitable.

If the player's cards are not very good, then there is no need to make attempts to steal the blinds. If, while on the button, a player notices that the hijack is raising, then you need to take advantage of your advantage and rearrange such a player in the 3-bet position. It will be difficult to do this without a clear advantage in cards. In addition, it must be borne in mind that an aggressive H1 can only be in the middle position, so it should be constantly watched and behaved very carefully.

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