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Flash Combination

 Flash Combination

Flash - A special combination in poker, thanks to it the chances of winning are increased. It is important to know how to correctly calculate maneuvers for its preparation.

What does flash consist of?

The combination consists of five cards of the same suit of a common or personal deck:

  • four common and one personal;
  • two personal and three common;
  • all five are common.

The chance to collect such a winning combination is 3%, but with knowledge of all the possible subtleties, it can be increased. Sometimes this is facilitated by a flash draw and a backdoor flash draw: combinations where one or two cards are missing for a complete set.

Description of other options can be found using the probability table, which will help to avoid the loss of money put on the line.


Flash is a strong combination, it is older than a straight, one, two and three pairs. Loses only to another flash, sometimes full house and four of a kind, which makes this combination invincible. If several flushes are collected on the players ’table, the winner is determined using the kicker, so it is important to consider his seniority. It is very important to calculate all the possibilities, knowing the types of flash:

  1. Flash Street is older and younger. The senior set consists of cards going sequentially in ascending order of their denomination, and has great chances for a draw. A smaller set brings the player less success, but is also effective. Its sequence: from consecutive cards in descending order, starting with the oldest.Poker Straight Flush
  2. Flash royal is a very rare and effective case, interrupting other flushes and bringing victory to the player. The chances of making such a combination are extremely small; many players take years to compose it and need strong luck. It is important to hide your emotions and reaction to the unexpectedly arrived piano to maintain an advantage over rivals. The royal combination in poker made up of all the high cards: ace, king, queen, jack, jack, ten, a significant argument in the kicker draw.

Royal flush in poker

In achieving victory, some tips for building a combination will help:

  • It is important that an ace is in the player’s pocket cards at the time of the combination.
  • Great chances will also bring a card in hand, the next in seniority after the general: king, queen, jack.

Flash wins, the kicker of which is older than the rest.

Proper use of flash

In order to earn more money on flash, bluff and semi-bluff are used. The use of such tricks will help reassure other players and make them invest as many chips into the pot as possible, providing an opportunity to once again look into the turn and river.

When playing with an incomplete set of combinations, it is necessary to act aggressively, forcing the other player not to look at the cards following him, but immediately put a bet in the bank and accumulate the largest gain before strengthening the hand.

When playing poker, you need to be patient and completely turn off emotions that prevent you from hiding especially good sets of cards from others and calmly wait for the investment of as much money as possible in the bank. It is impossible to foresee the moment the flash occurred, but watching the game you can predict it: the more cards played by the players, the greater the possibility of a winning combination appearing in his hands.

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