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A dishonest casino dealer will get what he deserves

 A dishonest casino dealer will get what he deserves

I wonder what income a casino needs to have in order to be able to remain anonymous, having lost a million dollars as a result of fraud of its own employees? However, if the gambling house really wants to keep incognito, let it keep it - since it could not keep its money.

The bottom line is this: a certain Ming Zhang worked as a dealer in this establishment and offered dishonest players a small business - shuffling a deck for baccarat, he seemed to accidentally show some of the cards that had not yet been mixed, and the one who worked with him in tandem took pictures of them. This made it possible to guess the distribution and display casinos for significant amounts throughout the year.

Exactly how much Zhang was paid remains behind the scenes, but judging by the five years in prison awaiting him and the deprivation of permission to engage in gambling, it is a lot. At least in the Maryland court, such measures were announced; at the same time, the partners of the rogue dealer, apparently, will not be convicted: there is only one accused in the case.

He also became a defendant in a similar case with another gambling establishment in the state, where he worked as a croupier from July to September last year. There, for each such trick, Zhang received, however, "only" a thousand dollars, but everything was according to the same scheme - also baccarat and also scamming.

Apparently, something is wrong with the game: too often it is present in scandalous cases of fraud. The most famous such case took place with the participation of poker pro Phil Ivey, who, together with his partner, managed to heat a certain casino for $ 20 million. The trials have lasted over five years, and whether Phil returned all the funds, and whether he really cheated or just took advantage of the situation, is still unclear.

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