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Poker blockbet

 Poker blockbet

Blockbet - This is a very useful and effective way to defend against dangerous moves of opponents. In Russian, this technique is called a "blocking rate." What is the essence of this method and what is it good at ?!

Blockbet Description

When using this method, the cards in the hands of the players are very important. Of course, you can’t accurately predict what your opponent’s is, but you can never hedge. This is good blocking bet.

When a player who does not have a position makes a bet against the one who will go last, this will help reduce the harm from the opponent’s move. This is usually used by preflop players at the beginning of the game. They take the initiative so that the other player cannot attack them.

It is still important to understand here that this time luck may be favorable to the player, and the enemy will give the bank away altogether. But there may be another possibility, when luck turns its back on him, and the enemy turns out to be too strong. Then there is only one way out - to give up. Therefore, in a blockbet, you should never risk too much by placing large amounts.

Blockbet goals

In fact, blocking bet in different situations can bring different results. It all depends on which streets are now active. If this is a flop, then the technique does not allow other players to attack with the possibility of much harm. But you should not count on him, as opponents can catch this tactic, and its constant repetition will lead them to the idea that you do not need to pay attention to it. In the case of playing the turn, the blocking bet helps to see the last board card for a small fee.

Some players use this method to take the pot with a bluff, but this requires some experience. And having not very good cards in hand, with the help of blocking bet you can see the opponent’s cards. So the reception itself opens up a large number of opportunities for players, which is why many consider it mandatory to study.

For the correct use of the technique you need not only luck, but also the experience of the player and his rivals. After all, the masters of the game can "not peck", understanding perfectly what the essence of this action is. But inexperienced players may not guess or misinterpret the goal of their opponent.

Blockbet is a fairly simple and useful technique that many try to learn to be sure that they will not “hurt” if the opponent is more lucky.

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