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All about the big blind

 All about the big blind

Any participant in the poker game repeatedly makes this bet in one hand. This rate is a mandatory tax on the bank account, which must be paid to every single player. Now we will take a closer look at BB, what it means, and analyze several cases of playing from position.

So, the big blind is the largest of the pair of existing blind bets. It is practiced in forms of poker where there are blind bets. All poker players are committed to it. It is twice the size of the smaller blind. Special attention should be paid to the position of the big blind, which takes the place to the left of the small blind and the button.

The BB size is not clearly defined during the scheduled tournament time. The more minutes have elapsed, the larger the blind, and in the case of a cash game, it is inextricably linked to the limit. In addition, the big blind is the direct regulator of the game, it is he who does not allow to waste time with a small stack while waiting for money.

If you examine the big blind from the point of view of position, then the following formulations apply to it:

  • The position in which you first take action after the cards are dealt.
  • BB is a blind bet, which is the very first to be attacked by opponents.

From the BB point of view, playing cards directly depends on the capabilities of the bank. Only from the BB position can you expect a maximum ratio of 10 to 1 or a call preflop. From this position, you can give a couple of tips for achieving the goal as soon as possible.

  • It is best to try to stick to a tight strategy in this position, or you can also use fold tactics against raises.
  • You can also use more often such a tricky move as blind versus blind. In a situation where all opponents have thrown off all cards, and the player from the SB position is stubbornly fighting, then the most profitable decision would be to accept his offer. Due to the fact that we are the last in this action, then all control over the money, as well as the chance to continue with a large range of hands, goes to the opponent.
  • From the position of a loose game, you need to play as aggressively as possible. If you like calling your opponent's BB bets, you should 3-bet more often from the same position, so you can better protect your hand.
  • It's also okay not to raise short stacks. Remember that push-fold with all chips less than 20 BB is not relevant at all. To reduce deviations, it is advantageous to call about three BBs and consider flop tactics rather than trying to force your opponent all-in.

Thus, we examined the BB position in more detail. The most important thing in the game is not to get lost and keep cool under any circumstances.

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