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Working mirror 888Poker

 Working mirror 888Poker

In this article we will tell you about a working mirror 888 Poker... By decision of Roskomnadzor, many gambling sites are being blocked, and poker rooms are no exception. To keep access to accounts, tournaments and tables, players use various VPN services, set up proxies, install applications, but the easiest way is to use a mirror.    

Mirror Is a twin site that provides access to the same functionality, information about promotions and tournaments, cash tables and events, making a deposit, cash out and much more.  

How to find the official mirror

Unfortunately, on the Internet, you can easily get to a fraudulent site that collects user data under the guise of a mirror of an official resource. However, each official mirror 888 poker has a number of features that distinguish it from a fake. 

Similar design and interface... The mirror is a copy of the main site, so it looks almost identical. Of course, there may be slight differences, but navigation and design should repeat the official resource on 90%. If this is not the case, this is a fake.

Mirror 888

Functional... The same goes for the functionality. If the main site has the ability to replenish the account, participate in promotions and events, register an account, download applications, and so on, then the mirror should be the same. Better not to trust sites that only have a login form and links to download applications.

Account... You can log in to the 888 Poker official website and its mirror using the same login. The administration will never demand from you verification codes in SMS and so on.    

Call forwarding... This is the surest sign of a real mirror. When you go to a blocked site, there is an automatic transition to a mirror. If this happens, you can be sure that you have an official copy on 100%.  

Why it is necessary to use the 888 Poker mirror in Russia

Some time ago, poker was considered a sports discipline, but in 2009, by decision of the authorities, it received the status of a gambling game. Because of this, Roskomnadzor began a massive blocking of all sites that provided an opportunity to play Texas Hold'em and other disciplines.

At the same time, the ban applies only to site owners and game room organizers. Users playing in poker rooms do not break the law even if the block is bypassed. Moreover, the deposit and withdrawal of money, participation in various events and so on are also legal. 

Frequently asked questions about 888Poker mirror

Many users very often ask questions regarding the use of mirror capabilities. Sometimes they are repeated, so we decided to collect them into one section. Before contacting 888 Poker technical support and trying to find an answer on the Web, check if there is a question that interests you.  

Many users want to clarify for themselves the principles of bypassing 888 Poker blocking, so they ask questions about it on the Internet. To help these players find the information they want, we've compiled a selection of helpful answers.

Where can I find the current list of 888 Poker working mirrors?

Let's warn you right away that the list of working mirrors hardly exists. The fact is that a copy lives for about 4-5 months, after which it is blocked, and the administration launches the next one. At the same time, 1-2 mirrors work, the current addresses of which you can always find on our website. 

How can I download the 888 Poker working mirror to my computer or mobile?

This possibility does not exist, since the mirror is a full copy of the official site, which is located on the server. You can use its functionality, but you cannot download it to your device. But 888 Poker developers have released official applicationsallowing you to play in the room from devices running Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS operating systems.

I used to use a mirror, but now it is blocked. What to do?

To get access to your account again and enjoy playing your favorite poker disciplines, you need to find a new 888 Poker mirror on our website and go to it.

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