Advantages and disadvantages of 888 poker room

Before you start play 888 poker for money, you should take a closer look at the platform. It’s better to immediately start a poker career in the best room. That is why we decided to make a short review of the 888poker room to highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of the resource.

We must say right away that we managed to find only one minus. But the pros turned out to be many times more. Perhaps this is the perfect room for every player ... Who knows? In the meantime, let's get started with the review!

The main advantages of 888: why should you start playing on this resource?

Well, let's start with the pleasant. The advantages of the 888 are really many. It is not surprising that this room is one of the most visited in the world. Tens of thousands of poker players play on the platform every day. Why?

  • Great bonus system. This is what users love the platform for most. Bonuses in the room can be received almost every day. And the players receive the first prizes immediately after registration: $88 for creating a profile! How do you like that ?;
  • Freerolls. A large number of free tournaments is another undoubted plus of the site. You will have the opportunity to win big prizes without spending money on this from your bankroll. Moreover, such series are held daily (some even every hour). You can always find a game to your liking at any time of the day;
  • Great software. Developed applications for both computers and smartphones are another huge plus. Users can easily install the client for free and play poker in one click! In addition, 888poker is the only room that can be accessed from a mobile browser. Good news for Windows Phone owners !;
  • A diverse playing field. We already mentioned the phenomenal popularity of the site among players. This provides the site with a steady stream of users. And among them there will always be beginners, from whom it is quite easy to receive constant profits. If you are set up for a serious game, then players of equal strength can be easily found in the “older” tables;
  • Easy to work with money. Withdraw and deposit funds into the account using various methods. Each user can find for himself the most profitable and convenient way. Transfers are carried out quickly and without any difficulties;
  • Safety. 888poker is a trusted room you can trust. This applies to both personal data that will need to be sent for verification, and the safety of funds in the account.

Disadvantages of the 888poker platform

Cons was not so easy to find. However, for honesty, it is worth pointing out the shortcomings of the resource. More precisely, one drawback that we were able to detect is the work of the support service.

We received a response to the sent request a few days after we wrote it. The issue (albeit invented) was resolved and we received precise instructions on further actions. However, I had to wait a few days, which is not very good for such a well-known resource.

Although who knows, maybe this happened precisely because of the load on the technical support system.

In any case, you can play 888 poker for money! And even necessary! True, it is difficult to find a more suitable room to start a career. And we advise you to start playing here. How to download 888 poker room client:

888poker Loyalty Program

The player’s membership in 888 Poker Club brings him tremendous benefits: numerous gifts in the form of money or material things, as well as a significant amount of knowledge. At the same time, you do not need any invitation or passwords to become a member. It is only necessary to play actively, showing loyalty to the room. The room will definitely appreciate and repay with generous gifts.

Today we’ll talk about what the 888poker VIP club is, how to become a member and take advantage of it.

How the 888 Poker Club works


Loyalty program - a well-thought-out reward system for the activity shown by the players to the details. The club is organized so that each of its members in any case remains in the black. What does it mean? Membership in the club does not require a membership fee - it is absolutely free. The essence of the club’s activities is only to encourage active players. Plus, each participant goes through certain missions, moving up the levels. And this is knowledge and experience that in the modern market are the best product.

The internal currency of the room are game points. The participant must regularly perform tasks proposed by the room in order to earn them. Points have a cumulative effect, which serves as a catalyst for your progress in the levels in the system. In addition, rising to each new level the player is given Golden Tokens.

Tokens are what we should strive for. After all, they can be materialized in real life: exchanged for money, accessories or electronic goods. Tokens can be used as payment for tournament tickets for various competitions.

Membership in 888 Poker Club does not seem boring. In the system of 1000+ levels, the passage of which will mean the top of poker skill. Some tasks may seem difficult, but this is natural in a learning environment. If you have not completed some task, then this does not mean that you can lose the level. The system works as a kind of training for the participant, during which he can only grow and receive rewards for this.

How to get points?

For completing certain tasks you get game points. As a rule, missions are quite simple. For example, you will need to play this or that discipline, spend a fixed time at the table, etc. It is easy to guess that with an increase in the complexity of the task, you will receive more points as a reward.

It takes some time to get points. Usually they are paid within 3 days after the completion of the mission. Performing tasks such as inviting a friend will allow you to get points to your account instantly.

What you need to know about Golden Tokens?

Currency 888 Poker needs to be introduced, namely its full consideration. Each loyalty program participant should have an idea why he is wasting his time and what benefits it will bring to him:

  1. You are credited with a certain number of tokens for each new level.
  2. Tokens cannot be sent or given to other 888 poker users.
  3. Tokens need to be spent within two months after receiving them.
  4. You can use Golden Tokens in a special section of the room, where you can exchange them for tournament tickets or other offers.

Additional gifts

The room greatly appreciates the active and purposeful. Therefore, every five levels you will receive a scratch card for your achievements. This card allows the holder to win extra money, prizes, gold chips or tournament tickets.

Among other things, all participants of the loyalty program have access to closed tournaments without an initial payment. The higher the level in the program, the more tournaments a player can take part in, which means an increase in potential income by several times.

If you are an active and progressive player, then 888 Poker Club is designed just for you, so there is no doubt - download the client and start playing today.